Why wood?

Why wood?

You may have noticed that I get my pins manufactured as wooden pins - I do not do enamel pins, and I have a really good reason for that. Want to understand why? Read my 3 big reasons below.

1. Sustainability

Responsibly sourced wooden pins are a more environmentally friendly option compared to enamel pins for several reasons.

Wooden pins are made from renewable resources and can be sourced from responsibly managed forests. On the other hand, enamel pins are typically made from metal and require a significant amount of energy and resources to produce. Wooden pins use 20 to 24 times less energy to make than enamel pins, and emit 1/3 less CO2 in production.

The production of enamel pins often involves the use of harmful chemicals and can result in pollution. Wooden pins, on the other hand, can be produced using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and biodegradable materials, making them a more sustainable option.

The wooden front of wooden pins can be composted at the end of their life, while enamel pins may end up in landfill as they cannot be recycled.


2. Support Local

By choosing to support a local UK manufacturer, we are supporting the local economy, while also reducing our environmental impact. 

Reducing the need for transport (especially freight flights) reduces carbon emissions significantly! Enamel pins are almost exclusively made in Asia which means carbon intense freight flights. Long haul flights emit 47 times more greenhouse gasses than ocean freight. And enamel pins are generally in small packages meaning they will travel by plane, not boat.

So I choose to get my wooden pins and keyrings manufactured in the UK, with a company called Zap Creatives. They package their pins in paper, unlike some enamel pin manufacturers who individually plastic bag enamel pins to protect them. Being UK based my pins only need to travel within the UK to get to me, and look how cute they are!

3. Art Style

And lastly, my art style does not lend itself to enamel pins without significant redrawing and changes. While enamel pins may work best for some, I really love my watercolour style and love that my pins (and keyrings) look just like the original paintings!

Now you know why I choose to make wooden pins instead of shiny enamel for some very good reasons, check out my wooden pins now. 😍

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