What's the deal with suncatcher stickers?

What's the deal with suncatcher stickers?

Okay so I rabbit on about how much I love these stickers, so thought I should really devote a little bit of time to explaining what they are and why they are wonderful!


These window decals are designed to catch the light and create a dazzling display of rainbows in your home. When placed on a clear window that gets some direct sun they will catch the sun and cast rainbows all across your room. The vinyl these are printed on is actually diffraction film - so when the sunlight hits it it splits the light into its spectrum, resulting in the most amazing rainbows!


Made with high-quality vinyl, these suncatcher stickers are durable and easy to apply clear window decals, but you could also put them on mirrors just as a normal decal/sticker. Peel off the backing and stick them onto any smooth surface, such as windows, mirrors, or glass doors. The decals are also reasonably easy to remove and reposition, so you can change up your space.


Not only do these decals add a fun and playful touch to your home, but they also make a great gift for both kids and adults! Brighten up a child's bedroom or add some colour to your own space with our rainbow making suncatcher stickers! 🌈

So now you know a little about them, and I hope you love them as much as I do!! Check out our whole range of designs here 😍

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