The importance of using recycled cardstock

The importance of using recycled cardstock

Using recycled paper and card stock in The Curious Cactus' products is something that is deeply important to me. I work full time in sustainability (primarily in carbon assessment) so it is an area of interest to me but also one of my core values to have as low an environmental impact as I can as a product based business.

There are so many reasons that I choose to use recycled cardstock so I thought I would highlight a few of the main reasons:

♻️ Preventing trees from being cut down - a valuable source of carbon sequestration and wildlife habitat

➛ According to the Environmental Protection Agency, recycling 1 tonne of paper saves 17 trees

♻️ Less water and energy is used in manufacturing
➛ Using recycled paperstock saves 20% of the manufacturing carbon emissions of virgin manufactured paperstock
➛ Paper fibres can be recycled several times!

♻️ Supporting the diversion of waste landfill

➛ Recycling a card and envelope instead of landfilling them reduces end of life emissions by 98%
➛ Landfill space is at a premium and avoiding using space for easily recyclable materials is important.

♻️ The cardstock I use is a lovely texture and softness - uncoated and easy to write on!

    There might be more that I haven't thought of, but these are definitely the key areas that make it a no brainer for me to choose 100% recycled (and locally produced) paper and card! 💚
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