I am on a Greek Mythology reading binge, and that means new art!

I am on a Greek Mythology reading binge, and that means new art!

So I have been deep in a greek mythology reading spiral lately. I have read so mythology books lately, most around the stories of the Iliad (so the story of Troy). This is basically all I have read. I have had quite a few as audio books, as well as relistening to Stephen Fry's trilogy.


First the reading I have gotten through so far:

I have enjoyed these all thoroughly. I have listened to the audiobooks of Stephen Fry's mythology trilogy multiple times, and definitely found them a great starting point for getting into greek mythology retellings. I think my favourite of the above is Circe by Madeline Miller, although Ariadne is a close second. I loved that Circe is a goddess, so the timeline weaves a bit, as of course she isn't bound by the same lifetime as a mortal. I have a whole list of more reading in this same area, but I am now leaning away from stories that involve Troy too much as the above list covers a lot of characters perspectives, and I don't want to get too bored, which I am on the border of.

I have been feeling so inspired, I decided to paint some of the symbols of some of the gods and goddesses of greek mythology. 

So far I have:

  • Persephone: the pomegranate
  • Dionysus: the grapes
  • Demeter: the wheat
  • Zeus: the lightning bolt
  • Hera: the peacock feather

I have plans to do more, maybe to represent all the Olympian god and goddesses. 

So stay tuned, as I would love to turn some of these into products! Especially the pomegranate, which I have a soft spot for anyway as up there on my favourite fruits list! ❤️

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